Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the size of your home or business. Our price per foot includes professional grade custom fit wire + bulbs, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage. Special features such as wreaths and garland will also determine the price. We will require a $250* deposit to get on our schedule and invoices will be updated after completion of installation with remaining balance. Please view our Payment Policy for more details.


Why should I lease my lighting from Johnson County Lights?

Leasing is a great option because you are not stuck with the same lights forever. We take the liability of the lights and take care of them for you during the season and even in the off season.


What if I move or if I want to start hanging the lights myself?

We have the option available to purchase the lights at a lowered price or we can bid out your new home at a the renewing customer price. Please contact us to further discuss.


When should I schedule my installation?

Due to an extremely short season, the sooner you schedule your installation the better chance you’ll have to get your lights installed and choose a date that you prefer. Installation begins in mid October and ends December 15th. We also run specials starting in July that can save you up to 10% and will guarantee installation before Thanksgiving.


Will I need to be home during the time of installation?

No, usually the customer does not to be home during the time of installation. In some houses, the power to the lights will need to be coming from the inside or back of the house. In this case, please let us know before installation so we can make different arrangements.